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How am I going to spend my remaining 1612 weeks?

The day before I turned 31yrs old, my father passed away at 62. I remember hearing a voice, loud and clear, “You’re halfway.” Halfway through my life, and if that is true WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING? WHAT AM I WAITING FOR? HOW AM I GOING TO SPEND THE REMAINING 1612 WEEKS LEFT TO LIVE?

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I joined 1612’s first chapter after following Matt’s journey for the last 6 years on YouTube. In my daily life, I’m someone who generally has their stuff together and is firing on all cylinders. What I’m super cognizant that is lacking is surrounding myself with other motivated, strong, intelligent and dedicated people who are of tremendous character. When I found out Matt was starting 1612 I felt pulled to it, I knew he would draw in just the type of folks I’d like in my circle of influence and I’m proud to say he delivered. So far we have explored accountability, goal setting, being unapologetic in your desires and owning your shit. I’m excited to see what the future brings with this group as I can already see it making a positive difference in me and my new “weird internet friends”.

- Christopher Edgar

Two years ago, I was living typical American dream with a wife, 2.5 kids,  a house and a full time job. While it was great, I frequently thought there had to be more to experience in life. This can’t be the next 30 years for me. And it was hard to find others that shared that sentiment. Matt and the 1612 have had a big impact on me. Matt has been great in changing my view of what is important and attainable as well as how to maneuver through life in a more authentic way. 1612 has provided a community of likeminded people that value growth and a lifestyle that challenges the status quo. It’s tough to connect with a group like this locally, but the 1612 has provided a space for us to meet and share ideas.

- Josh Newman

1612 has been an invaluable experience for me. I’ve grown outside of the box I’ve been trying to operate in and it’s because of the amazing group of individuals I’ve gotten to learn with and learn from in 1612. Matt is an incredible teacher, leader, and mentor who genuinely invests himself into me succeeding in everything I’m working on. I have met some amazing friends all over the U.S. who I can reach out to for advice and support because they're working to live their best life as well. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 1612 group brings!
- Rayce

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