Baddi Baldvin

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I am an ICF LifeCoach and I chose that path as the ICF (International Coach Federation) is the closest one can get, to being a fully accredited and professionally respected Life Coach around the globe. As an ICF Coach I adhere to and work by strict moral standards, which I find important to build on as a professional.

I have great experience with working with addiction, ADHD and Purpose. In relationships with family, friends and our special other(s), I have helped people with seeing and breaking patterns, finding ones own desires and truths and cleaning the path. Or as Matt so wonderfully puts it, figuring out who gets a vote and why.

My main interest is any kind of personal development where the focus is on taking control of the responsibility and accountability of your life. I work through trust and insight on helping my clients figure out where they want to go, what they'd like to change, who they want to be, and etc. and then help them break that down into behavior and habits that will build that life they dream of.

Seeing people break through is for me the greatest reward for getting to do this work.

Baddi's client focus includes:

• Two 30 minute ZOOM calls per month or one 50 minute ZOOM call if that feels better for the client, with a 10 minute follow up call if needed.. On those calls we will figure out what the client is seeking/aiming for, find out the precise WHY and figure out a way to go or be there.

• Private chats / emails for added support on what the client is in progress with. Not as in depth as the ZOOM calls will be, but more about quick answers and accountability.