Bonnie Schroeder

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Bonnie Schroeder is an active powerlifting athlete and coach with a passion for holistic health, wellness and healing. Her background in track & field, bodybuilding, and also crossfit, makes her a well rounded coach with a wealth of knowledge that she continues to share through live seminars across the country and on her popular social media platform. Bonnie coaches athletes of all levels, hosts a subscription training service and continues to be a vocal advocate for women's health. She currently resides in St Louis with her partner, Matt, and their two cats, Ollie and Doug.

Bonnie's client focus within The 1612 includes:

  • Improving relationships with the self and others
  • Increased self awareness and understanding shadow work
  • Personal growth, including confidence/character development
  • Processing and moving through trauma
  • Dream building and chasing passions
  • Career growth and entrepreneurial strategies

An individualized method to your coaching will be established using the following:

  • Two calls per month with Bonnie
  • Developing communication skills around needs/wants/dreams
  • Shadow work to uncover areas of personal opportunity
  • Focus on goal setting and execution
  • Ongoing communication to celebrate progress and wins
  • Integration into a larger network interested in supporting you

We will:

  • Dive deep into client's "whys"
  • Identify motivational factors
  • Identify character development opportunities through shadow work
  • Pin point client's goals put strategies in place to achieve them
  • Uncover relationship desires/needs
  • Integrate new habits into daily life